Home Controller

Temperature Sensor

Motion Sensor

A sensor is a device or subsystem that detects changes or “events”  in an environment and then reacts by sending information to another device—in this case, your cellphone or laptop.  Our Integrated Building Control System sends a signal to the Home Controller, which then sends an update to you.

Possible Scenarios:

  • Water is leaking in your home! Luckily, your Water Sensor detected water on the floor and notified the Home Controller to close the main water valve immediately.
  • You’re running late and forgot to lock the door! No worries—your Door Sensor detected that the door was closed and will send a command to the Home Controller to lock the door immediately.
  • You need to quickly get something from the kitchen—a Motion/Light Sensor detects that you’re in the room and sent a command to the Home Controller, which turned on the lights when you’re there, and off when you’re not.

The possibilities are endless—ask us today about the top uses of sensors in homes.