Our History

BNAlert Controls exists today because no one else was able to solve our own problem. Years ago, Henry Soto, the owner of BN!C, discovered that, if his sump pump stopped working with no warning, his basement could have been flooded, costing him thousands of dollars. Even though he thought he was protected by the sump pump, a silent error could be just as bad as not having a sump pump at all.

That’s when he came up with an idea: What if we could be alerted to these issues—what if we could act quickly? Using today’s smart-home technology, Henry teamed up with Yoandy’s software skills to help give people peace of mind.

Our Purpose
Improve the quality of live of our clients, employees and our self.

Our Principles
Think bigger than more people think practical, expect more than others think provable. Treat people
well and with respect. Be honest. Compete with our self to become better every day.

Our Promise
We build our partnership trough honesty, integrity and commitment to excellent.

Meet our team
BNAlert Controls was founded by Henry Soto and Yoandy Diaz. Yoandy is a software developer with seven years of experience, and Henry has been working in the HVAC industry for 27 years. Henry currently works for the industry-leading A&B Mechanical, a Winnipeg-based plumbing and heating contracting company.

Henry Soto and Yoandy Diaz